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Today my anxiety has been running high!

Man I think we all struggle with worry at times right? IDK but when planning a large event as I am right now, I am running on low sleep and high anxious energy. I seem to find myself peeing a lot (TMI) playing with my lips, shaking my knees and over thinking. UGHHHH Then I remember back to all the times worry overtook my life. I remember how once the thing that I was worrying about was over or done with, it just seemed so small. God has a way of offering us a peace that supersedes anxiety meds, sleep, shopping or whatever else we may turn to. For me I tend to be compulsive with shopping and booking up my calendar. Tell me, what do you do to help ease worry beside prayer?

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Tyler Allen
Tyler Allen
Aug 12, 2021

Nothing else seems to be as effective as turning to Him in prayer. I will say that when I'm winding down I like to play guitar, be crafty in some way, or write down all the things that I'm thankful to have.

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